Long Green Earrings, Lampwork Glass Beads Earrings with Golgfilled Hook, Wonderful Gift

$34.00 USD


Product Description

These earrings feature my own unique handmade lampwork glass beads.
The beads come in shades of violet & turquoise & decorated with Swarovsky crystal. A gold plated leaf dangling down.
The beads are strung on goldfilled hook.

Total length of these earrings is 4.5cm(1.77")approx.

All my beads are annealed overnight in digitally controlled kiln for maximum long life & durability.
The beads holes are always cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the excess bead release.

*¨¨*:• One - of- a Kind*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:• •:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:• Elegant & Lovely •:*¨¨*:•

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